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Neverwinter is a multiplayer role game set in the atmosphere of campaign of the Forgotten Realms, which has the official license of Dungeons and Dragons and has been developed by veterans of the genre from Cryptic Studios.

Like in most role games (specially the multiplayer), the first thing we will have to do when we start the game will be to create out character from scratch, something we will do following a modification of the rule established in the fourth edition of Dungeons and Dragons.

This means we will have to start by choosing a name and sharing out a series of points between the attributes strength, ability, resistance, wisdom, charisma and intelligence. We will also have to choose a race: human, half-elf, elf, dwarf, halfling, drow or tieflin; and a class: explorer, warrior, cleric, wizard or rouge.

Once we establish the background and appearance of our character, and it´s ready for action, it will be the moment to start our adventure in the city of Neverwinter and its surroundings, which is where the story takes place.

Once we start our journey as adventurers we will be participants in a fantasy world which as in the majority of MMORPGs, is governed by events. When we participate in these events, we will be able to enjoy the typical adventures of the Dungeons and Dragons games, which we will have to try and overcome with the help of our adventurers.

Resolve quests, kill enemies and carry out other kinds of actions related to each player´s character class, will help us gain experience. And just like in the board games (and any other role game) when we get a determined number of `experience´ we can go to a higher level.

Neverwinter is a very complete MMORPG with a solid base which provides it with a set of rules like the ones in Dungeons and Dragons. The background of the Forgotten Realms and the promise of being able to create our own adventures is just the icing on the cake.

Next versions of the game will include 'The Foundry', a tool with which the players will be able to create their own modules.

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